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The PNAA Executive Board 2018-2020 was sworn in July 2018 at the 39th National Convention in New Jersey. These officers swore to "uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members, promote professional excellence,
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Madelyn D. Yu, MSN, RN
President, 2018-2020

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The 2019 State of PNAA Address (SOPA): A Summary
Madelyn D. Yu, MSN, RN
President, 2018—2020

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The Filipino Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing

“This positive image of Filipino nurses did not materialize overnight. It is a product of many, many years of solid performance and cultivating strong relationships within the healthcare community, and with patients and their families. It is therefore important, especially because we are celebrating Filipino-History Month, that we also recognize the achievements of past generations of Filipino immigrant nurses and think of ways to support those who are newly-arrived in the United States,” the Ambassador said.
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PNAA Nursing Scholarship Awards

The purpose of the grant is to provide opportunities to student nurses in the Philippines who meet criteria to participate in the 2020 Filipino Nurses Global Summit III and 12th International Conference and contribute to the nursing profession and the community, specifically planetary health.
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The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019

We are writing to oppose S. 386, known as the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act,” reiterating our opposition to the bill in the last Congress.
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Looking for a way to advance your professional development? Want to take advantage of an opportunity to interact with students, researchers and practitioners to present your new and innovative work and to obtain feedback from a national audience of your peers? Consider writing an abstract and submit it for a poster presentation.
Deadline: October 1, 2019

PNAA Store

Introducing the new PNAA Store!
Order and purchase the Legacy book with the purpose of preserving the historical events of PNAA from its first PNAA President Clarita Miraflor up to the Dino Doliente's presidency.
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PRIDE Award 2019

The Philippine Nurses Association of America announces the PRIDE Awards for newsletters. Local chapters may now submit their newsletters for consideration for the PRIDE awards. Editors are requested to submit a pdf file of at least two issues of your chapter's newsletters from the previous year. The submission must be made electronically.
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PNAA Nursing Scholarship Award

The Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA) is offering annual scholarship awards to graduate students who are currently pursuing a Master’s Degree, a Post Master’s Degree, or a Doctoral Degree in Nursing.
Deadline: May 20, 2019
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PNAA Research Grant Opportunity

The purpose of the PNAA Research Grant (PNAA-RG) is to support pilot projects in research, innovative educational programs, and/or clinical partnership programs. The goal of PNAA-RG is consistent with the PNAA mission to uphold the positive image of PNAA members as scholars, promote professional excellence, and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society. Pilot and feasibility studies are encouraged. DEADLINE: March 31, 2019
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Call for Manuscripts

The Journal of Nursing Practice Applications & Reviews of Research (JNPARR), the official international, peer-reviewed publication of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, is calling for authors to submit manuscripts.
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Yoder Bill

The Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) is a professional organization representing 145,8001 Registered Nurses from the Philippines. The majority of these nurses are naturalized American citizens.
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Thank you!

On behalf of all of us from the Legislative Committee, I want to say thank you for exercising your right to vote, an act of citizenship.

PNAA Credo Contest

What is Credo?
Credo is statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone or an organization’s actions.

From the PNAA Legislative Committee

Please join us for an informative important topic on Culture of Health and Safety through Civic and Voting Engagement.


National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA)and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) IN COLLABORATION with PNAA LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE

The 2018 State of PNAA Address (SOPA): A Summary

Dino Doliente III, MBA, BSN, RN
President, 2016—2018

PNAAF Contact Hour Application

Another innovation is coming your way from PNAA Foundation! Application for Contact Hours from PNAAF has never been made so easy.

The Health of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced Persons and Children

Trump’s administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, under which everyone illegally crossing the United States’ border with Mexico, even those who present themselves to officials as seeking asylum are subjected to criminal prosecution.


Health Fair

January 18, 2020
Piel, Baliwag, Bulacan, PH

NCEMNA Public Policy Leadership Summit

March 23-24, 2020
California Endownment Center Los Angeles, CA

Filipino Global Summit III, 12th International Nursing Conference

January 21-22, 2020
Regency Convention Center, Boracay, PH

41st PNAA Annual National Convention

July 1-5, 2020
Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

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